Effective Flutter Developer

From Flutter Beginner to Pro: Be Effective from Day One

A live, hands-on training program for those ready to level up their Flutter expertise

What is Effective Flutter Developer about?

Effective Flutter Developer (EFD) is an 8-week-long intermediate-level Flutter training program. The live classes encourage hands-on experience, emphasizing practical learning by building apps in small iterations.Instead of never-ending theoretical lessons, EFD focuses on training via practical coding. The approach allows design patterns and SOLID principles to emerge naturally by small code iterations day by day.We’ll go headfirst with app-building. Gradually, as a by-product of the app-building process, you’ll learn all the concepts. This is how things work out in actual day-to-day jobs.The classes will enable you to produce effective results right from the first day of your training. You’ll learn problem-solving through weekly assignments and your mentor’s feedback.

Training duration

8 weeks

Batch starts

May 8, 2024

Last date to apply

April 12, 2024

Who is the training program for?

EFD is designed for Flutter developers with existing beginner-level experience. Developers who are looking to transition into advanced-level Flutter and mobile software development.It is for you if:

  • You want to expand your Flutter skillset beyond building simple UIs.

  • You embrace the power of live learning and community growth.

  • You need improved accountability and unwavering focus.

What to expect from it?

As a student of EFD training program, you'll be able to:

  • Be a part of interactive live sessions.

  • Tackle hands-on assignments.

  • Enjoy building real-world apps.

  • Join a thriving community of developers.

  • Become a super effective Flutter developer.

...[Rashid's] ability to explain complex topics in simpler ways is commendable...
Vijayta Bhatt, Sr. Product Manager, 12 years

Schedule tailored for busy professionals

Weekends: Live Classes and Assignments
Weekdays: Assignments and Community Activities

Concepts taught

  • InheritWidget, Material Theme 3, RiverPod, BLoC.

  • Custom Painting Unit, Widget and Integration Testing.

  • SOLID and Architecture Principles, Design Pattern.

  • GoRouter for navigation, Animations.

  • Firebase.

  • DevTools and CI/CD.

  • Dart 3.

  • … and more concepts.

No, I have a query

Who is the mentor?

Hi, it’s Burhanuddin Rashid, the mentor for the third batch of the EFD program. Yes, you’ll be a part of the third batch I’m mentoring. I have a decade of experience in mobile development, ranging from Native Android to Flutter.

All through these years, I have worked as a dev with 5+ companies and provided consultation to 10+ clients.I have:

Based on my extensive developer experience, I’ve designed this Flutter training to give you the perfect foundation to level up. It’s for you to kickstart your journey to becoming an effective pro Flutter dev.Want to know more about me? Explore my website

Curriculum details

The curriculum is designed for training intermediate-level developers, presuming you know how to build a basic app in Flutter. Instead of covering theoretical concepts, we get headfirst with app-building.The focus is on practical application. You’ll learn all the concepts as a by-product of app-building, similar to how things are in actual day-to-day jobs.

Here’s what we will cover in the EFD live classes:

Week 1: Creating Multiple Data Sources

  • Day 1: Designing the local data source (database) and testing it without UI.

  • Day 2: Add Another Network data source (API) using Open close principal.

Week 2: Syncing Multiple Data Sources

  • Day 3: Designing offline first app by having a Single Source of Truth via a Repository Pattern.

  • Day 4: Lazy loading/pagination, Event Loop and Futures.

Week 3: All about UI model design and testing

  • Day 5: Separation of concern by building the right UI Models.

  • Day 6: Working with Dates and Gestures for Integration, Widget, and Golden Testing.

Week 4: Constraints Rules, DevTool and Navigation

  • Day 7: Understand Flutter constraints Rules and All about using DevTool effectively.

  • Day 8: Navigation using go_router and deep linking.

Week 5: CustomPainter and InheritedWidget

  • Day 9: Build graph using CustomPainter. Horn your math skills.

  • Day 10: Multiple Theme Support and Using the InheritedWidget right.

Week 6: State Management

  • Day 11: RiverPod setup and migrating effectively from existing state management solution.

  • Day 12: Advance RiverPod like Search, lazy loading, etc.

Week 7: Animation and Platform Channel

  • Day 13: Getting most of the Animations. Leverage in build animation that works for 80% of use cases and for the rest 20% build custom animation.

  • Day 14: Testing Platform Channel and its Gotchas.

Week 8: CI/CD

  • Day 15: Setting pipeline using GitHub Actions to run test and lint checks on PR.

  • Day 16: Continuous Deployment using Firebase app distribution.

...received core knowledge and fundamental things...
Suraj Bhavsar, SDE-I, 2+ years

Here’s what other students have to say…

...learned how to write test cases and run...
Rashmi Bhandari, Sr. Android/Flutter Developer, 7 years

...solve problems using Flutter in an efficient way...
Munib Mogal, Mobile Application Developer, 1.5 years

...learned advanced concepts like State Management...
Akash Singh, Freelance Flutter Developer, 2+ years

EFD Training Program Fee

INR - ₹15K
USD - $185

Short on funds? Ask Your Boss!

Does EFD training seem heavy on the wallet? Well, here’s an idea. You can ask your company to sponsor. Put on your inner charm and pitch your boss.Want to ask your boss? Here’s a sample pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training designed for?

Effective Flutter Developer (EFD) live training is designed for individuals with basic knowledge of Flutter and who are looking to advance their skills to a professional level.

How many professionals can join the batch?

There will be only ten seats in this batch of EFD training.

Do I need any experience for the training?

Absolutely not. You need no professional experience as such. However, keep in mind that it’s an intermediate-level Flutter training program. So, you should have some Flutter experience to get the most out of the classes.

Can I apply as a student without professional experience?

You can apply as a student. You need not have working professional experience to become a part of this program.

How long is the training duration?

It’s an 8-week-long training program with live classes every Saturday and Sunday.

How much time do I need to dedicate per week?

While the classes are about 2 hours every Saturday and Sunday, you're expected to put in around 6-8 hours every week with assignments.

Are there fixed timings for the classes?

The schedule is yet to be decided. You’ll get the details once you join.

How will the class be conducted?

The classes will be conducted online over Zoom/Google Meet.

Will I get recordings of the sessions?

Yes, you’ll receive an email after each session with a link to the recording and the details of the tasks assigned.

Are there any one-on-one sessions?

The classes are going to be group sessions. However, with only 10 students in the batch, you sure will get enough hands-on training and doubt clarifications. You can also interact with other students in the community and grow together.

How much does EFD training program cost?

The fee for the entire eight weeks of training is ₹15K (INR) or $185 (USD).

Is there a scholarship option?

Currently, there isn’t any such option. The training fee is supposedly fair (and value for money) for the amount of hands-on experience you’ll receive during the training.You can ask your boss to sponsor your training. Here’s a sample pitch.

Can I cancel or apply for a refund?

Yes. Whatever the reason, you can get a refund within the first 30 days of the training, i.e., by December 31, 2023, 11:59 PM (IST). Drop a mail to query@effectiveflutterdev.com with the subject “REFUND,” citing your reason.

What’s the last date to apply?

The application deadline is November 13, 2023.

Will I get a job after the training?

Effective Flutter Developer (EFD) trains you to be an effective pro Flutter developer. There’s no tie-up with any company to ensure a job.If you diligently complete all assignments and work on the feedback provided, success is highly likely. Keep practicing, remember what you learned, and constantly solidify your knowledge. Don’t let Imposter Syndrome get the best of you.

Become an effective Flutter developer

The batch will have only ten students. Don’t wait for tomorrow. The world surely won’t. The best time is today. And the best moment is now. Join the classes!

Have a specific query?

Email query@effectiveflutterdev.com, or contact Burhanuddin Rashid, your mentor, on social media.

© Burhanuddin Rashid. All rights reserved. 2023.

Disclaimer: Effective Flutter Developer (EFD) training program is developed by an independent developer, Burhanuddin Rashid. It’s not associated with or endorsed by the Flutter brand.

Effective Flutter Developer

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"Dear Boss,
Hope you're fighting the mid-week madness well.
I found this 8-week Effective Flutter Developer training program that I think could make our apps even more awesome. Yes, more than they already are. We have a lot more to do.
The live training program is only on weekends. So, no Monday-to-Friday interruptions! And it's entirely online.
I've just got this teeny-tiny hurdle – the fee. Fancy the idea of the company sponsoring it? I find it worth the investment.
We really need this. You need this.
Do I have your blessings? Let me know!
Thank you :)
Stay legendary!"

Copy the pitch, tweak it, send it to your boss. Be absolutely clear and honest. It's for your own good.

© Burhanuddin Rashid. All rights reserved. 2023.

Disclaimer: Effective Flutter Developer (EFD) training program is developed by an independent developer, Burhanuddin Rashid. It’s not associated with or endorsed by the Flutter brand.